Safedome Recharge Card + Wireless Charger


The Safedome Recharge Bluetooth Tracker makes looking after what’s valuable to you, easy. Whether you’ve left your wallet at home, lost your phone down the back of the couch or misplaced your bag on a busy day. It’s your own personal backup before losing something turns into a real problem.

The app alerts you if you’ve left your item behind, showing its last location on a map.
Made with the highest quality components combined with great design, it’s the world’s first Bluetooth tracker that can be wirelessly charged. Bluetooth tech at it’s best. Finds your things, Fast.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Year Warranty


Superslim 1.66mm thin
Bluetooth 5 improved accuracy
Track and find your items location
Smart notifications and proximity alerts
Water Resistant up to 1 metre

What's in the box ?

Recharge Card
Wireless QI Charger
Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the recharge card last on single charge ?

The card will last up to 3 months on a full charge. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the card.

Can I charge my phone or smart devices using the supplied wireless charger ?

Yes. Our wireless charger also works with Qi compatible smartphones and devices, like the latest iPhones, Google Pixel and Samsung devices.

Can I charge the card off other wireless chargers ?

The Safedome Recharge card can be charged using any Qi compatible wireless chargers. If the card is not charging of another manufacturers charger, reposition the card until you see the LED light up.

How many items can the app track ?

The new version of the Safedome app will be released November 2018. This version of the app actively tracks up to 5 items at one time.

What is the bluetooth range ?

Safedome Recharge uses Bluetooth 5, the latest version of the technology. It greatly increases range and improves connectivity especially when you are indoors.

Does the card make a noise ?

You can 'ring' the Safedome Recharge card using the Safedome app. This feature only works when they app and card are connected and in-range.


posted on 2019-12-05

Wow great accuracy and long battery. I got this delivered at work and me and my coworkers tested it out all day.It already had a slight charge to it and after downloading the app it was spot on in its location.It works through bluetooth but my co worker took my phone and card and hid the card in the back of the building and brought my phone back to me.


posted on 2019-12-11

Perfect size for my purse and bonus with the qi charger for my phone. This tracker works perfectly for my need of locating my purse and locating my phone. The credit card size fits neatly in a pocket of my purse. It charges very quickly. I really like that it has a qi charger that will also charge my Samsung phone.


posted on

Amazing invention. Loved it and gave a gift as well. Very convenient to use and has an amazing better life.

F1 Racer

posted on 2019-09-12

Best option for finding walletGreat way to find lost wallet. GPS function works great. Only upgrade would be to have the card itself make a louder noise, but hard to complain when the card is this thin and works reliably.


posted on 2019-06-11

I love that you can use this with an android phone it is really easy just put it in the phone and follow instructions now you will never lose your phone again along with other items you can add really recommend this for anyone

Sari Fitzgerald

posted on 2019-05-15

Another great Safedome product. I loved mine so I bought one for a Mother's Day present. She loves hers, too. Works well, easy to use and the wireless charging pad works for her phone.


posted on 2019-05-06

I got this for an upcoming trip, where I want to have the security of knowing where my stuff is in case it ends up missing (traveling out of the country). It charges quickly, it easily fits inside my wallet, and the app was simple to use. Even comes with a wireless charging pad that charges both the card and my phone! Nice bonus!

Jacinda Rilla Wright

posted on 2019-05-13

Sleek design. This comes with everything needed to use.It has a slim and sleek designSo easy to use.It is water resistant. Has Bluetooth tracking card. Wireless charging pad and is rechargeable. It has pads on the bottom. So no harm will come to most surfaces.

Karen shaw

posted on 2019-06-11

This card can find your phone while on silent! This bluetooth tracking card is awesome! It charges pretty quickly with the wireless charging pad, the setup is fast and app is very easy to use. Because it's a slim card the size of a regular credit card, you can slide it into basically any wallet, purse, bag, or suitcase of any size.

Cristen A

posted on 2019-08-22

Multifunctional. Pretty cool invention! You can use this card to track down your wallet or your bag. Especially useful when traveling. It was easy to set up and pair with my device. Not only can you use this card to find your items but on the card there's even a button to track your phone!