Safedome Mini


SD Mini is the smallest in the Bluetooth Tracker family. Perfect for on Your Keys, Luggage, Bag or Backpack. Replaceable battery.

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See your items on a map
Ring your items if they go missing
Separation Alerts
Actively track and locate your items
Connect to your phone with Bluetooth

What's in the box ?

Mini Bluetooth Tracker
Replaceable Battery
Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SD Mini work with the Safedome app?

SD Mini connects to its own standalone app called SD Mini. We are considering integrating SD Mini with the main app in future.

Does it make a noise?

Yes you can ring SD Mini using the app.

Can I replace the battery ?

Yes the SD Mini has a replaceable battery CR 2032. It can last up to one year based on usage.

How many SD Mini's can I connect to the SD Mini app?

You can connect up to 5 SD Minis to the app allowing you to track items like keys, bags and even pets.

Why it won't it connect to the app?

Occasionally the mini fails to reconnect. If this happens please press the button on the mini and it will reconnect to the mini app.

How do I take a Selfie?

Open the app and press the camera icon. You can now press the button on SD Mini to take a Selfie :)

Stacey W

posted on 2019-09-18

Better than tile. These are the best Bluetooth key finder cause you can replace the battery. I used to buy tiles but the problem is they are for one time use only! So glad I found these! Will definitely find more

Rachel Cox

posted on 2019-09-10

Great mini tracker! This tracker is awesome! Comes with a lanyard string thing to attach to something. Love the size of it. It also works as a camera click button for your phone, which is pretty cool. I’ve been through a lot of trackers dying quickly, so I hope this one lasts longer! Attached a photo next to my (27 y/o F) thumb for reference.


posted on 2019-08-06

Finally a solution to always losing my keys. Cute, discreet little key fob. Sleek black look. Compact and a good solution to my always misplacing my keys! The fob connects to an app so you can track the fob.


posted on 2019-08-14

Amazing product. This product has become so essential to my life and keeping track of my stuff. It is nice and compact and made of a strong, sturdy material to hold up to daily use (even when it gets rough!).

John D.

posted on 2019-08-02

Great for finding easily lost small devices. Nice bluetooth tracker. This really comes in handy when I lose my keys. All I have to do is open the safe dome app and install the track makes a sound so I can easily find my keys. Would recommend, help a lot.

Hannah Evangelidis

posted on 2019-08-02

Lots of great features! I was just looking for a standard tracker, but I was excited to discover the additional features that utilize the Bluetooth -- the ability to take selfies using the tracker as a remote and also the find-your-phone option (that's honestly the item I misplace more than anything I use this tracker for). It's a great device for a great price!

Abhi Bhatt

posted on 2019-08-21

Smart Finder! I go this smart finder for my girlfriend, she tends to misplace her keys and has a hard time finding them. Enter Safedome and she now doesn't have issues locating her keys. The app is easy to download and setup and the app shows you exactly where on the map the keys are located!

Kiara Reyes

posted on 2019-08-24

Good Tracker. Small, easy to use and track with the app. Though it seems that the battery life drains more when always in use, but not sure if the battery life is drained from that or when connected to a WiFi signal. Overall I like it, can buy more of them and easily register it to the app

Britt S.

posted on 2019-08-26

This is a life-saver! This product is a live-saver! If you’re like me, you may want to keep track of your keys with their product. One thing I find great about it in particular is that it has an app to connect to! Upon purchasing this product, I did not know it could be attached to luggage. I am definitely testing it out on luggage now. How cool?! You should, too!

Breanne Burnell

posted on 2019-08-14

Easy and effective. This has been attached to my keys ever since I got it and it gives me the best piece of mind knowing I’ll be able to find them if I lose them. You can also reverse search and use the device to emit a sound from your phone if you lose it. Easy set up, highly recommend!