Safedome Classic & Key Finder Combo Pack


Combo pack with ONE Classic Safedome Card and ONE Premium Leather Key Finder Bluetooth Tracker.

Safedome Classic, The World’s Thinnest Bluetooth Tracking Card perfect for Your Wallet, Passport, or Tablet.  Find your misplaced items fast.

Premium Leather Key Finder Perfect for Your Keys, Luggage, Bag or Backpack. Key Finder has Replaceable battery. Classic card is not Rechargeable.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Year Warranty


Superslim at 0.76mm
Premium Soft Leather Casing
Bluetooth 5 improved range
Track and find your wallet, bags, suitcases & more
Alerts if you items go missing
Water Resistant

What's in the box ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Classic Card rechargeable?

Safedome Classic is not rechargeable. The fixed battery lasts for up to 2 years based on usage. We’re are considering a replacement scheme in the future.

How many items can the app track?

The new version of the Safedome app was released November 2018. This version of the app actively tracks up to 5 items at one time.

How thin is the Safedome Classic card?

Safedome Classic is 0.76mm thin the same size as a credit card. Its super-slim sizes means it sits neatly in all types of wallets, purses, bags and luggage.

Can I replace the battery?

Yes. Our Bluetooth Key Finder ships with a replaceable CR 2032 battery so no need to purchase a new key finder when the battery dies.

How loud is the key finder ?

You can ring the Key Finder using the Safedome app. The internal buzzer rings at 85db depending on proximity.

Can I change the casing on the key finder ?

In the future we are looking at ways to customise the casing for your Key Finder.


posted on 2019-08-25

I know the ad copy says as small as a credit card but I found it hard to believe till my package arrived. The whole package was so light I was not completely convinced anything would be in the box. The item tracker card is so tiny that I can place it in my luggage so that it is virtually undetectable.

Jay P.

posted on 2020-02-19

Not too long ago, I had the mishap of misplacing my phone at a store with no wifi and no cell phone reception." Find My Phone" wasn't going to find anything. I bought the SafeDome Item tracker to never repeat that experience and so far I'm impressed.

Christina Conley

posted on 2020-02-20

So easy to set up! I literally always lose my keys and my boyfriend always loses his wallet! This device came in handy! The wallet device is sleek- shaped just like a credit card, so it doesn’t take up space at all! The key fob is the size of a standard car key fob. Setting up everything was SO easy!

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