Safedome Classic Card


Our Classic Bluetooth tracker is the same size as a credit card so it fits neatly in your wallet or anything else you can't afford to lose.

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Superslim at 0.76mm
Bluetooth 4 improved range.
Track and find your wallet, bags, suitcases & more
Alerts if you items go missing
Water resistant up to 1m
Ring your phone using the card

What's in the box ?

Safedome Classic
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the classic card rechargeable ?

Safedome Classic is not rechargeable. The fixed battery lasts for up to 1 year based on usage. We’re are considering a replacement scheme in the future.

How many items can the app track ?

The new version of the Safedome app was released November 2018. This version of the app actively tracks up to 5 items at one time

How thin is the safedome classic card ?

Safedome Classic is 0.76mm thin the same size as a credit card. Its super-slim sizes means it sits neatly in all types of wallets, purses, bags and luggage.

Can I buy multi-packs ?

Multi-packs are available to purchase above in a double or four pack configuration.

What is the bluetooth range ?

Our Classic card uses Bluetooth 4 and has an outdoor range of approximately 50 meters (164 feet), this reduces to approximately 10-25 meters (32-82 feet) indoors due to interference from walls, other devices, large objects or even people.

What do I do if I accidentally spill water on the card ?

The card is sealed and water resistant. Wipe it down with a dry cloth and check it is still working by firmly pressing the button on the card. The LED should come on.

Manal Hossain

posted on 2019-10-01

Great if you lose stuff. This has been a huge help in my life. I am always misplacing my wallet, or purse, or keys. I put this in my purse and it has been great for helping me find it. I would like to get more to help me find my other items. I might get some for my friends too.

Jean Wang

posted on 2019-10-22

I found It! This is a super handy gift for my boyfriend who is always misplacing his wallet. It is easy to set up and use.

Monica Faillace

posted on 2019-10-23

Lifesaver! This product is great! I'm already thinking of how many others I want to buy - thinking of one for my phone, keys and the wallet itself since that's not always in the same place as my card! Hoping it will work with all of the above


posted on 2019-10-16

Kinda worth it. This thing is sweet, I already found my wallet once I left at a grocery store because of it… The GPS really works, the only thing is I’ve only had mine for five months and the battery is already low… Definitely needs to improve on battery life

Joseph Hinojosa

posted on 2019-10-21

This little device is so cool! This card is easy to activate and works almost immediately. You can place into anything. I like the function locate your phone by pushing the button on the card. This may be a game changer for those who lose their wallets, bag or phones often.

Vadim Myasnikov

posted on 2019-10-25

Amazing product. Small and compact, credit card sized card so you can easily keep in wallet purse etc and it won't look like a bulky Bluetooth device. Easy set up with an app where you can keep all your Safedome cards if you have more than one. The label says the battery could last up to a year.

Elizabeth Shapiro

posted on 2019-10-07

Useful! I really like how thin and sleep this product is. It works great and is really useful!


posted on 2019-09-09

Easy set-up. I haven’t lost my wallet yet, but I feel so much better having this in my wallet. I’m notorious for losing things. The app had easy to set up to the card and I can track my wallet through app.


posted on 2019-09-17

Easy and Helpful. Can't believe how easy it was to link the card to my phone. The app is user friendly and the gps map is very clear. I like how it works both ways where i can locate my phone and wallet. Battery lifespan is 1 year so i don't have to worry about recharging it. Overall very happy.

Deise Baldissera

posted on 2019-08-15

Works well. I bought this for my boyfriend who leaves his wallet in everywhere and always relies on me to find it. This item will let you use your smartphone to track it’s location. You can also use this card to ring your phone, too. I liked it so much!