Safedome Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking Money Clip Wallet, Anti Theft Aluminum Credit Card Wallet - Slim Credit Card Holder - Easy Holiday Gifts for Men

If you’re looking to move away from a bloated or outdated wallet, Safedome has you covered. Safedome’s RFID Blocking Money Clip Wallet is the future of men’s wallets, both in design and technology. Safedome’s RFID blocking money clip wallet gives you peace of mind Safedome's money clip wallet protects you from digital theft. The interiors of this wallet is lined with a material that blocks out RFID signals. This prevents a digital thief from skimming your cards and robbing your bank account. No more stressing about finding suspicious transactions in your bank statements. Safedome has you covered. Strong, Stylish and Minimal Safedome’s anti-theft money clip wallet has the capacity to carry 12 credit cards and 9 bills. It is designed with carbon fiber and aluminum. The sturdy properties of both materials gives it double the strength. Due to its high quality, strength and durability, you will be carrying this wallet for years to come. The black carbon fiber look gives it the futuristic look. The strong elastic material keeps it compressed and minimal. Perfect Gifts for Men This holiday season, if you’re finding it hard to find good gifts for men, Safedome has you covered. Safedome’s RFID blocking money clip wallet is a super easy gift to give and is the perfect sized stocking filler. It also comes in a very elegant black box, so you won’t need to spend much time wrapping this gift.