SD Mini User Guide

1. Download the app

Please download the SD Mini App from the App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code below to download.

For iOS: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6S/6P, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X and newer

For Android: Samsung S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/S8, Samsung Note 3/4/5/6/7/8, Huawei P7/P8/P9/P10, VIVO, OPPO and others with Android 4.4 or newer and BLE 4.0 supported


2. Turn on Bluetooth

Make sure Bluetooth is turned On in your device.

 3. Pair to Device

Click on the “+” icon and start pairing.

1) Make sure to turn your phone Bluetooth on.

2) Hold the device close to your phone.

3) Hold the button on the device until you hear a beep and the LED starts flashing.



Find your Phone

When the SD Mini is connected with the phone, double click the button and your phone will make a sound alarm.


 Find your SD Mini

When the SD Mini is connected to the phone, open the SD Mini App and click the   icon to make device beep and the LED flash.


Camera Remote

The button on the SD Mini device also doubles as a camera remote. Never be left out of a group picture again.


Separation Alarm

When the phone and SD mini device is out of range, both phone and device will make sound alarm.

Phone Alert: The phone will sound an alarm if it’s on.

Device Alert: The SD Mini device will sound it’s alarm if it’s on.

Note: you may experience some false alerts due to interference .


Last Known Location

The App will record in the map the last known location of the app when a disconnection occurs.


Know the Device

The App will record the last disconnection location in the map.


Trouble Shooting:

Battery Safety Note:

WARNING: Fire Hazard! Do not short-circuit batteries. Batteries may overheat or explode.

Keep batteries out of the reach of pets and children. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.

Do not expose batteries to water or fire. Do not attempt to charge not-rechargeable batteries. The batteries may explode.

Warranty Period:

Should you experience a fault or manufacturing defect within 12 months of the date of purchase, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. Consumer-inflicted damage, improper use of incorrect maintenance of product will void the warranty.

Important Note:

Ensure to set your mobile phone to run SD Mini Apps continuously in the background to ensure connectivity between the tracker unit and your mobile phone. Always check and get your latest update from the App store or Play store. Any changes to the user guide will be updated in the help sections as well.


Android: Everytime I open SD Mini app, My SD Mini is in the disconnected state?

If there are security apps on your phone, please add SD Mini app to the white list or protected apps list.


There is no Phone or Tracker alarm when Tracker disconnected?

To turn on the disconnect alert feature: 

Step 1  Check if the Safe WiFi Area is OFF or not. If it is OFF then go to step 2, otherwise make sure current area is not in the safe wifi area.

Step 2  Check if the Sleep Mode is OFF or not. If it is OFF then go to step 3, otherwise make sure current time is not in sleep mode time.


Step 3   Make sure Phone alert or Tracker alert is on.


Step 4  If the words on the upper right corner  read "Alert on" it means the disconnection alert is turned on successfully. Tap on it and you can see the detail about it.



I Cannot connect the device while it is near me?

1. Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth and turn it on again.

2. Hold the device close to your phone (no further than 10 cm from the phone).

3. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds on the device and look at the app as soon as you hear several beeps. 

Try these tips and if the device is still not connected to your phone.

4.Power off your phone then turn it on again. 

5. Open the device cover and check the battery... if the device has been working for more than 3 months, please consider replacing the battery.   The battery is a CR2032


How to find my phone using the SD Mini?

When the SD Mini is connected with your phone, double click the Tracker button and your phone will beep for you to find it.



How to find the SD Mini device via my phone?

When the tracker is connected to your phone, open the App and tap on the   button, and the SD Mini will beep to help you locate it, particularly if it is hidden nearby.

Note: it must be connected via Bluetooth for this function to work.



What is the “Sleep Mode” for?

When the “Sleep Mode” is on, both the device and the App will not beep while sleep mode is on, (which can be annoying if you receive a false alert at night).


How do I set the “Sleep Mode”

To set up Sleep Mode:

Go to settings ->Sleep Mode(ON ) -> (set sleep mode time: From and To entries)




What is the “Wifi Safe Area” for?

You can set some areas to be WiFi Safe Areas, such as your Home WiFi or Office WiFi. When your phone is connected to these WiFi zones the Tracker and phone will not sound the alarm when the phone and tracker are disconnected.


How do I set the “Wifi Safe Area”;

To Wifi Safe Area go to:

Settings -> Safe WiFi Area -> switch on WiFi Safe Area.






How do I delete the SD Mini device?

Step 1. Swipe the bottom part of the screen from right to left.

Step 2. Hit on Delete SD mini button

Once you delete it, the device will be deleted from your phone, you cannot ring or locate your items. You can pair it again to manage it as a new item.