About Us

Do not delete this page

It is not using the content from this editor, but this page must exist for the content to show.

To edit the content go to Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme. There is a section for the about page, where you can edit intro text and background image.

To edit the profiles:

  1. Create a page with titled as the persons name. Example: https://safedome.myshopify.com/admin/pages/20594756
  2. In the content box - enter their job title/position, press enter to go to the next line and type three hashes ### (this is how we break up the content)
  3. Enter the text that you want to write about them, followed by the line with three hashes
  4. Insert the image. (must be square)
  5. Save the page
  6. Go to Online Store > Navigation > Profiles
  7. Create a link to your new page.
  8. Save