Better monitor, contact and response systems

Record of respond

Using Bluetooth technology to monitor the movement of people through a healthcare facility can build a record of contact, recording when two or people are in the same area for any length of time. This can be used in conjunction with a rapid response system to contact individuals who may be at risk, after any contact with a contagious person.

Virus response system

Right now with the COVID-19 on our doorstep, rapid response times and contact knowledge can help reduce infection rates, particularly with the long incubation periods and mild symptoms of the coronavirus. Knowing who specifically to contact and how will help reduce risk of further infection.

Knowing where someone is located in a facility can also be used as a warning system, alerting when a person inadvertently moves in to a restricted area.



All insurance companies offer compensation. Let’s raise the bar.

Offer more than insurance

80% of people leave something behind every time they travel. Don’t wait until your customer loses something important, help keep their valuables close. Use Bluetooth tracking technology to find lost items, or to provide a notification when something is left behind.

Go beyond lost-and-found

Your branded tracking card will become an invaluable part of your customer’s daily routine, building a sense of trust that will last much longer than any holiday or business trip. With your card in their wallet, you’ll be building a constant positive association with your brand.



Replace frustration with relief. Find your keys fast.

Stay top of mind

One-third of Americans lose their keys at least once a month, making it one of the most misplaced items ever. Give your customers the satisfaction of finding their keys quickly and remind them of you. Get your brand back in your customer’s hands by making their day a little bit smoother.

Offer a positive reminder

A Bluetooth key finder with your brand helps create positive brand association each time your customers save time and the stress associated with misplaced items. This subtle reminder of your value will build each time your customer reaches for their keys.

Membership and Loyalty


Make your membership card more than just a piece of plastic.

More benefits

Bluetooth trackers give a whole new level of functionality to the standard membership card. By helping your members stay on top of their belongings, your brand becomes associated with convenience and care. In a moment of distraction, it’s your brand that keeps things on track.

More loyalty

Give practical help your members can rely on. Pinpoint their wallet on a map when left behind. When they find their wallet under the car-seat or tucked behind the couch cushions, they’ll think of you.



Each year 2.7 Billion dollars is spent on replacing lost items. What if some of that was spent with you?

Give practical value

Offer a value-add that lasts long beyond the purchase excitement. Show you value your customers by giving them a new way to hold onto what matters most. By offering a branded Bluetooth tracker, demonstrate practical value and functionality.

Build lasting connection

When your Bluetooth tracker becomes part of your customer’s regular routine, it becomes a reminder of your store. The more you are top-of-mind, the more likely your customers’ will return.



Eight out of ten travelers forget something on vacation. Help jog their memory.

Travel with certainty

Do more than get customers from A-to-B, make their journey as smooth as it can be. We can help you focus on improving your customers’ travel experience. Using our branded Bluetooth trackers, help travelers keep track of their valuables while out-and-about.

Connect after the trip

Once the trip is over and the suitcase is unpacked, it won’t be just memories they’re left with. They’ll also keep your Bluetooth tracker on them. Your brand stays top of mind, meaning you can be certain they’ll turn to you for their next business trip or getaway.

Slim Casing
Pedometer and Thermometer
EMV Chip capable
Optional NFC
Wireless Charging Optional
Temperature Measurement
2 Factor Authentication
Wireless Charging Options
Smart Alerts
Bluetoolth 5
Increased speed, range and data transfer with options including wireless co-existence potential.
Mastercard Accredited
Safedome cards are fully accredited with Mastercard approved EMV chip integration.
iOS 13
Native app and SDK and developed with Swift and confroming Apples HCI
Native to Googles Material Design method and fully localised to work.

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