Newest Products

Safedome Sticker

$5.00 USD
Safedome sticker

SD Mini

$17.95 USD
SD Mini is the smallest in the Bluetooth Tracker family. Perfect for on Your Keys, Luggage, Bag or Backpack. Replaceable battery.

Safedome Clear

$89.95 USD
The Limited Edition Clear Card is printed with the sequential edition number. See inside the card and the thin tech that makes up our Recharge Card. 

The World’s First Wireless Charging Bluetooth Tracking Card. Find your misplaced items fast. Perfect to Place in Your Wallet, Purse, Passport or Backpack.

Safedome Key Finder

$34.95 USD
Our Bluetooth Key Finder lets you track your items in style. 

Easily attach it to house keys, car keys, bags or pets. Connect it to our free iPhone or Android app so you can see its location wherever you go. 
Multi Pack

Safedome Recharge + Wireless Charger

$59.95 USD

Introducing the world’s first wireless rechargeable Bluetooth tracker. Keep it in your wallet, purse, handbag or just about anything you cannot afford to lose.


  • Wireless charging pad included
  • Superslim at 1.6mm
  • Audio alerts if your items go out of range
  • Notifications if you leave something behind
  • See your items located on a map
  • Get directions to it’s last known location
  • Ring to find my phone
  • App available for iOS and Android
  • Charging pad also works with compatible phones and watches.