Take control of your online identity

Posted on February 01 2016

Take control of your online identity

Our job at Safedome is to help keep your valuables safe - including your online identity. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Safedome’s Identity feature is now available to both Android and iPhone users.

Keep your online identity safe with Safedome

How many times has your personal information been exposed to hackers? Take this little test by the New York Times to find out. The results may surprise you.

We’re here to help. Safedome’s Identity feature is a quick and easy scanning tool that helps you protect your online identity. It puts you back in control, so you can act fast if your personal information is compromised. 

How Identity works

Identity regularly scans a database containing thousands of breached credentials. If your email address is found on the database, Identity alerts you and prompts you to take action. We’ve partnered with an industry specialist to provide you with this service. 

Identity = awareness + action

Once a hacker gets hold of your email address and associated password, you’re at risk. They can sell it on to identity thieves, organized crime rings and spammers.

With Identity activated, you’re in control. You can immediately reduce your risk by taking action - like changing all of your passwords, keeping an eye on your bank account statements, monitoring your credit rating, etc. 

With Safedome, you’re in safe hands

Designed to fit in your wallet, the Safedome card connects to your phone via Bluetooth and alerts you if your wallet and card separate. With 24/7 active monitoring, Safedome knows when your wallet is missing before you do.

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