No worries this Christmas

Posted on December 18 2015

Back when Matt and Nick first thought up Safedome, they wanted something that could help everyone and anyone with the safety of their personal items. But, if there’s one personality type who really couldn’t, and shouldn't live without Safedome, it’s the natural worrier.

The perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the natural worrier

We all have one in the family or friend group. Say you’re all going out to dinner. The natural worrier is the one who’ll always have to go home because they think they left the oven or iron on, or the front door unlocked.

They worry constantly that someone’s going to steal their wallet on holiday and make sure they strap their bumbag tightly across their chest at all times.

At restaurants, they have their handbag strap around one foot.

And before flying they get their luggage plastic wrapped and vacuum-sealed. Yes, you’ve seen them at the airport.

And let’s not forget the worry free

Safedome also makes a great gift for those who don’t worry about anything, and trust everyone. They send their bank details over email and leave their wallet on the cafe table while they go to the bathroom.

They trust everyone to give them the right change when shopping and will happily keep the windows open when they go out.

Add Safedome to the Christmas shopping list now.

No matter if you’ve got a worrier or the worry-free type in your life – order Safedome for only $49 (shipping included) by 18 December and you can slip it into their stocking on Christmas day. The Safedome card easily slips into their wallet or passport holder and connects to their phone – so they’ll always know where their personal items are. The Safedome app also looks after their online identity, and if there are any issues, our support team is only a phone call away. It really is the perfect gift.

No one does safe, like Safedome.

Designed to fit in your wallet, the Safedome card connects to your phone via Bluetooth and alerts you if your wallet and card separate. With 24/7 active monitoring, Safedome knows when your wallet is missing before you do.

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