How it all started

Posted on November 03 2015

Founded by Nick O’Halloran and Matt Denton, Safedome originally began as a piece of tracking hardware with Bluetooth technology to enable pet owners to locate lost animals using their smart phones.

Realizing the magnitude of what they were creating, Matt and Nick began to ask the question “Other than pet owners, who else could we help?” Brainstorming the protection of kids, boats and school groups lead them to look at a different form function which could track personal items such as keys and wallets.

Today Safedome helps our humble wallet and intangible personal data to be safer through clever technology and intuitive design. With 24/7 active monitoring Safedome knows when your wallet is missing before you do.

Safedome Timeline

Safedome is an innovation by Maxwell Forest, a financial solutions company with a focus on identity fraud, online shopping and banking in the mobile market – Nick and Matt now work with a team of 42 across our offices in San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore. 

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