How to protect your runway bag

Posted on September 16 2015

I look forward to Fashion Week every year – the fashion, the models, the runway, the front row A-listers in their sunglasses and accessory children – everything is overly fabulous and a little bit frivolous.

But with the big price tags attached to these ‘ready-to-wear’ outfits, it’s a lot of looking (online not front row for me) and not a lot of shopping. Bags on the other hand are a better investment, because unlike a designer dress, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your bag every-single-day-of-the-week. Now designer bags are still pricey and as we’re not all celebrities with fashion designer friends.

If you are going to invest in a statement bag, you might also want to invest in a little added security.

I’ve started using Safedome for my bag – which cost me $99 for the year – nothing compared to the price tag of my ‘investment piece’, but it might just save me a lot more. You see, it’s not just the price of the bag you’ve got to think about. It’s all the stuff inside too. I’m not sure what you carry around – but if you’re like me, then the old saying ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ is pretty true to life. There’s my makeup, my sunglasses and reading ones, and then maybe my laptop or gym gear depending on what day it it.

On top of the expense, there’s also everything inside my wallet I’d have to replace like cards and licenses (there’s never any cash). It’s not just the hassle either, there’s a high chance that the thief will use these cards to steal my identity too.

Safedome is my perfect accessory to any runway handbag I don’t want running away. The card is going to alert my phone moments after my bag leaves my side and the Safedome app pinpoints its last known location.

My advice:

Be aware of the worth of your belongings and protect them. Safedome doesn’t just alert me if something goes wrong but also helps me to take action immediately.


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