Why did the Safedome card walk into the bar?

Posted on September 11 2015

One of my favourite places to meet up with friends is a Japanese bar not far from my office. It’s got good beer, sake, karaoke rooms, Sumo wrestling on the widescreen and awesome food. I’d probably go as far as saying it’s the best place in the city to wind down after a long week.

I don’t like pulling my card out every time I buy a round, so I usually leave it at the bar and pick up the bill at the end of the night. Before I had my Safedome card and mobile app, the thought of leaving my card behind with a stranger always bothered me. What would stop someone from just taking it and walking out of the bar? Risk was the price I paid for convenience.

Now I just leave my Safedome card with my credit card at the bar.

I know my Safedome card is always on and I’ve got my phone in my pocket. So if someone walks out with the book full of credit cards, within moments I will be alerted with an SMS alert pushed to my phone. Having that peace of mind helps me relax and enjoy the good company and chilled atmosphere even more.

Thanks Safedome.

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