This is the new Safedome card

Posted on September 04 2015

It’s important to us that people understand what the Safedome card exactly is and, more importantly, how its unique technology fits into their life. And it’s not just for our friends in the tech world but for you, our customer, too.

The Safedome card is a product of Maxwell Forest. We’re a financial solutions company that opened in 2011 with 42 staff and offices in San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore.

Like any good idea, the Safedome card has been a long time in the making (22 months to be exact). Since its inception, our passionate team of designers and engineers have had many prototypes, trials and reworks to get the experience just right before going to market.

A look inside

The card is packed with advanced technology that we made to fit right into your wallet. It’s not a mass produced piece of plastic, it a highly engineered piece of tech. (We’re pretty proud parents.) So let’s get technical for a moment and take a look at what’s under the hood of this clever little guy.

The card is just over a millimeter thick yet inside its water resistant casing houses:

Two Lithium-ion Batteries
Sealed in plastic these are the same batteries used in smartphones but have a 12-month battery life with no charging necessary.
Bluetooth LE transmitter and Antenna
The new protocol in Bluetooth, this low energy transmitter is the reason for the long battery life with connection stability.
Micro Controller
Only 3mm x 3mm, this mini computer is the heart (and brains) of the card.
LED Light
The LED indicates the card status.
Power Button
The only button you need to press for set up. It’s cleverly designed to withstand the pressure inside the wallet so you don’t turn it off accidentally.

7 things that might surprise you about the Safedome card

We fitted it to you

We want Safedome to slip into your life – and it literally does. You already use cards everyday so it seemed mad not to make Safedome in card form too. As opposed to other products, like chunky tracker tags, Safedome is the same size as your credit cards and slim enough to fit in your wallet. This was not an easy feat. It took us a significant amount of time and some sophisticated engineering to miniaturize all the tech inside the card.

You need power for peace of mind

We believe that the Safedome card needs to be ‘always on’ for peace of mind that your wallet is safe. But for a continuous connection to your phone you need power. So we built in tiny but powerful Lithium-ion batteries to do just that – and a lot of software smarts to make it work with very little power. Another surprising feature is that these batteries will last a whole year without charging. And once the 12 months is up, we can send out another card to you.

Receive real-world alerts

Thanks to new generation Bluetooth LE and some clever engineering, the Safedome card will send you an alert moments after your card strays from your phone; unlike other products, where you must realize your possession is missing first, before you can track it.

Simple isn’t easy

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into making sure the Safedome card will work seamlessly with your daily routine – to make it easier to keep an eye on your wallet from as soon as you leave the house in the morning. That’s why everything we’ve designed is simple. The set up is simple: You pretty much press a button and you’re ready to go. The app is simple: You wallet is either ‘safe’ or you’re notified. 

Pocket testing is a thing

This might sound funny, but it’s a harsh world inside your pocket. To get the performance in these extremities and in an ultra thin card with ‘always on’ tethering meant we had to make the Safedome card tough. To test the Safedome card we used credit card compliance tests until we knew it could handle anything your pocket threw at it.

The casing is water resistant

As we all know, wallets get forgotten about. They’re left in swimming shorts or thrown in the wash with gym gear. So we’ve sealed all the tech inside the card in plastic, a bit like a credit card. If you drop it in the sink or you're caught in a storm the card will weather the splashes. 

24/7 customer service included

It was important to us that Safedome was something you could rely on. So if for some reason you do lose your cards or important documents, we’ve still got your back. Our customer service specialists are only a call away and know immediately who to contact case-by-case. They’ll sit with you for hours if need be, helping you through the process with the banks and reissuing cards and documents until everything’s sorted.

We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or at


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