Ever had your wallet stolen?

Posted on September 01 2015

My commute to and from work each day involves twenty minutes in the car and around fifty minutes on the subway. That sounds like a lot of time (and it is) but I personally don’t mind it; it’s pretty safe, relaxing, and gives me time to get things done.

One night I was burning the midnight oil in the office and had to catch a late night train home. My stop is the end of the line and I was exhausted, so within minutes of boarding I was fast asleep. The carriage was empty save a few equally tired-looking people.
An hour passed and I woke just as the train was pulling up to my stop. I gathered my backpack, dragged myself onto the platform, and stumbled half-asleep to my car. I needed to wake up and collect myself for a few moments, so I sat behind the wheel and reached for my phone.

That’s when I saw the Safedome notification: my wallet was missing.

I rummaged through my bag, emptied the pockets, checked every compartment... My wallet was gone.

I felt myself panic as I grew to realise what had happened: my wallet had been stolen while I was asleep, and I hadn’t even heard the notification. Safedome showed me where I last had it: a few stops on the line before I disembarked.

I wasn’t able to find my wallet, but if I hadn’t seen the notification from Safedome I probably wouldn’t have even realised that it was gone until the next day. The notification allowed me to contact my bank that night, cancelling my cards before anyone had a proper chance to use them.

There was nothing else I could have done, and I’m grateful I had Safedome to stop a bad situation from going bad to worse.

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