How Safedome saved me $8K

Posted on August 07 2015

Nick and I are the founders of Maxwell Forest. We recently returned from an intensive two week-trip throughout Asia and the US; five countries and eight cities, moving just about every day, jumping in and out of planes, cabs and trains.

When I’m travelling I’m always conscious of where my I put my passport. I keep my Safedome card in my passport wallet and have a strict routine for when I’m checking out of a hotel, which keeps my belongings safe and organized. On this recent trip though I was taken by surprise by how easily a series of unexpected events can accumulate into (what could have been) an absolute disaster.

We were leaving for the airport and, as usual, I was carefully packing my carry-on bag. My phone rang as I was putting my passport into the dedicated inside pocket, and I was hastily searching for a notepad to write something down. Still on the call and running late, I had moved the hotel stationary over my passport wallet – which I hadn’t actually put in my bag – making my passport disappear from sight.

The call ended. I quickly checked my room for the last time, thinking that everything appeared to be in order.

Nothing looked out of place, so I left.

In the elevator my phone buzzed, letting me know that my Safedome card was not nearby. I rummaged through my bag and, realizing what had happened, raced back upstairs to my room. To my huge relief, it didn’t take me long to realize where I’d left my passport.

When I eventually got into a cab downstairs, I took a few minutes to calculate what a lost passport would have cost me. The total came to about $8000.

If I’d missed my international flight I would have been up for a new emergency ticket at inflated last-minute prices, plus the cost of a connecting flight, extra cab rides to the hotel and embassy, and an extra room for the night while waiting for emergency documents. Not to mention the cost of a new passport, complete with a stunned looking photo of me inside.

Crisis averted, thanks to Safedome.

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