Posted on July 30 2015

It’s been two weeks since we quietly launched We’re perfectionists, so we spent months working on themes, copy, microcopy, images, videos, animations - and just about everything else - before we felt the site was ready.

To refine our messaging and make some pretty critical design decisions we carried out a round of usability testing. This became an instrumental part of our process and was quite different to our usual testing.

Adapting usability testing methods

Testing required us to rethink our usual approach to usability testing, which we normally conduct on our apps. Rather than outline a set of predefined activities for test subjects to complete we took a more ‘flexible’ approach, aiming to capture a subjective response to the website by canvassing opinions and impressions.

We found a group of users aged 25 to 45 and had them come into our studio for a testing session. We set half of them up on a MacBook Retina and, because the site is responsive, gave the other half an iPhone 6+.

Running the session

We began the session by instructing the users to spend thirty seconds scrolling through the website, absorbing the information and developing an impression of its ‘look and feel’. After the thirty seconds had elapsed we presented the users with a press release, intended to act as a ‘catalyst’ for conversation and further questions about the website and Safedome. We then allowed them to explore the site at their leisure, encouraging a ‘deep dive’ approach by asking targeted questions (e.g. “where can you find information about battery life?”) and getting them to perform small ad-hoc tasks (e.g. finding our San Francisco address).

Gathering and using feedback

Overall, the feedback we received from the sample group was generally very positive and we achieved an average activity completion rate of 86%. The feedback from the group helped us to make adjustments and improvements to the website, which hopefully has lead to a more informative and enjoyable experience for potential Safedome customers. 

Test well, test often

We will continue to test and tweak parts of because, again, we’re perfectionists, and there is always room for improvement. If you have any thoughts or feedback on the website, we’d love to hear it! Tweet us, find us on Facebook or send us an email.

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