Contact Harald

Introducing Contact Harald

Smart Workplace Contact Tracing with Contact Harald. Keep your business operational throughout COVID-19 outbreaks.

Secure Bluetooth® wireless technology requires zero IT integration or phone use. Designed to work straight out of the box, the Contact Harald is simply designed to be reliable for everyday use.

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Is your brand being left behind?

We can help reposition you as an industry leader. Use our branded Bluetooth technology to help customers keep track of what’s most important to them.

Become a trusted partner they won’t forget

Instead of fighting for attention, be the brand who does more. Your customers will keep your card in their wallet, phone and laptop and look to you to protect their valuables.

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Safedome Innovation

For the past eight years the Safedome team has used technology to solve everyday problems for our customers. We designed the first Bluetooth credit/debit card for your wallet, the thinnest tracker in the world. Later we built the first wireless charging Bluetooth card. Innovation and design is at the heart of all our work.

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